Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Individual Redemption

Ok, so my 6 year old got wind that some of her classmates saw the images of her crying so I must set the record straight and post an absolutely gorgeous image of her. She really does do a wonderful job for me. Peyton is pretty good too. Charlotte likes to say "take pictures" and point out places I have taken them for the torture but she is super fast these days and doesn't stand still for long, if she is far enough away from me to begin with.

So here is Bella gorgeous as ever............


Peyton smirking...........


Charlotte running for me, smiling at least....................


And then there is the group shot. I did manage to get two that will "do" for now. Still trying though.




Anonymous said...

Lovely... my new word.. but it works, the kids are just so damn gorgeous!!!

The Smiley Family said...

I think these are great shots! You have beautiful kids:-)

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