Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Tonight was family night at swim lessons which means the whole family gets to go into the pool area and watch them demonstrate the skills they have learned. So off we all went to watch Bella. Everyone was tired as we had had a big day playing outside for almost the entire day. Charlotte was in no mood to be confined to a chair and was wanting to run around on the pool deck. So after taking a few pictures of Bella swimming and the kids watching I took Charlotte and Peyton outside to walk around and wait until the lesson was over. There is a glass door outside where we could see in so my hope was to have the kids watch from there. We hadn't taken 5 steps out the door when Charlotte fell teeth first onto the concrete. Screams came first, blood came second and my panic came closely behind that. Back into the changing rooms we went to try to stop the bleeding and get a better look at what damage had been done. Couldn't see much but there is a definite chip out of one of her front teeth. What is it with my girls and their front teeth? Six months ago Bella fell teeth first into the hardwood flooring and has since had a brown front tooth. And now Charlotte, a chipped front tooth. Poor little thing. It's so hard watching them learning to walk. They are so clumsy. Makes you want to just carry them everywhere but of course that is not possible. It's so hard for a mom to see her little ones hurt.

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