Monday, February 16, 2009


By far my favorite flower is the tulip. It is one thing I love about living in a cold climate. They will come up, eventually......a little later than I would like, but they come up nonetheless. My husband must have remembered as he brought me home six pink tulips for Valentine's Day - vote one for husband of the year!!!! They bloomed just perfectly. I nearly missed my window to capture these beautiful flowers as they are almost done. Keep in mind I am not a specialist in macro photography. This was more a lesson in light for me. Regardless of the technical imperfections, I love them anyway. Hope they brighten your day as they did mine.


Michelle said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! The look like they should be framed or on a hallmark card. Tulips are my fave too :-)

Sharna Wilkerson said...

Thanks Michelle. It's amazing how much you can do with almost done Tulips and a front picture window!!! Oh, and a touch of photoshop...of course. I was surprised.

Michelle said...

PS - LOVE the Feedburner feature - my mom and I just signed up. Can't wait when new posts pop up in my in-box!

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