Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barbie Hair Day

The other day I had some friends over for lunch and while the two mums were in the kitchen preparing food the four kids were at various points throughout the house. My 5 year old came bounding up the stairs yelling for me. "Mum, mum look what I did! Barbie got a hair cut. I wanted her to look like me!" As you can imagine I gasped when I saw that Barbie was sporting a new "do." After my initial shock I counted my blessings that it was indeed Barbie's hair that now looked so badly butchered and not any one of my children. The memories of giving Peyton his first hair cut came rushing back....but I had to giggle. I now have an excuse to throw poor old Barbie out - there's just no easy way to store those darn barbie heads anyway! Thought you all needed a giggle today, in preparation for the declining temps that are coming overnight. Stay warm, Barbie won't be.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Barbie has never looked so good! Thanks for the giggle....

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