Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Portraits

I had a cancelation today so I decided I would take my own kiddos and hubby out for a small shoot. It's pretty chilly here in NH this time of year so I knew it would be fast. Little did I know what my 4 year old had in mind as fast. I think he smiled for one shot, well maybe two! Then it was all downhill from there. My littlest one, Charlotte wanted nothing to do with it at all and my oldest one continued to annoy the youngest one by trying to restrain her to keep her in the picture. Wow, what a time. And why you might ask.....well because I have so many images of my children and very few of myself with my kids. I so want some good pictures of me and my family. So here is what we ended up with. Obviously the ones with me in them were taken by my wonderfully good sported husband. Thanks, honey. So sit back and enjoy the laugh! It was all pretty comical.

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The Smiley Family said...

They still turned out cute! What a great-looking family!

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