Friday, May 20, 2011

What to Wear!!!!

Ever wondered about what to wear for your portrait sessions? One thing I request from my families is that they don't come uniformly dressed. In each family, everyone is different so I firmly believe that we need to be able to express some of that in our portraits and feel good doing it. Despite what most people think, we can mix patterns and colors - but we have to keep some of it in check. Below is a gathering of outfits I found online at Old Navy. By no means do I advocate for spending hundreds of $$$$$ on outfitting the family for pictures. You probably have many pieces in your closet that would work just fine. But here's an example of putting some outfits together - with a few more options for mum and daughter - incorporating color and patterns. Hope this helps a little. And with any luck I'll have some more posts like this as the seasons change.


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