Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, it was a long tiring journey and I must say I am glad to be home with my husband and all my kids. It was hard, very hard to lay my dad to rest. We were very close and he was a very good man. I miss him terribly. It was, however, very good to be with my mum and reconnect with cousins, aunts and uncles and several high school friends, not to mention people at my dad's funeral I hadn't seen in over 20years. There were many great times, my cousin's wedding for one and several trips to the local beach, along with a day spent with my mentor and his wife and children. Those were all bright sparks in the otherwise monotonous chores of dealing with some one's business related stuff after they die, namely meetings with lawyers, cleaning out the house, banking issues and starting and stopping accounts. Ughh! All very tiring and something I hope not to have to do again. Keep on going mum!!!!!

I am way behind on posting...I have many sessions yet to come. I had the honor of being a second shooter at my cousin's wedding so we have some more bridal images on the way. Along with two family portrait sessions and a few images of the city of Brisbane. Since returning home I've already had two high school senior sessions which were amazing to say the least. So stay tuned for some more posts to come. For now though, here's an image of my girlfriend and her family. We were best friend's in high school and to this day we maintain that closeness whenever we get together, which unfortunately isn't often. Here's just one of little Jorja!

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